Piramide – Assignment 3

Hieroglyphics Word Search. The third assignment for locating in the pyramid scheme. This is a small game in between the big assignments. Solve this hieroglyphic word search and find the (Egyptian) final solution! Hand in the solution beforeMay 1st for bonus points.

Piramide – Assignment 2

Who, what, where?! Assignment 2 to earn points for the Pyramid Game! To ensure all groups and of course, visitors will be able to find your group on our subcamp, you are going to make signposts. Each group will make two signs with theirgroup name on it, both signs will point in another direction. You […]

Piramide – Assignment 1

This will be your first assignment which counts for points to decide your position on the Piramid Game!Of course, our subcamp is eager to create the most mind-blowing entree of all camps! Will your group help us feel like we are in a real Pyramid Paradise at Nawaka 2022?Create your own decor as well. That […]